YGN reporter Laura about ENYGF 2017 in Manchester

The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum was a great experience! Starting with the welcome event with many speeches and a very entertaining presentation by Alys Gardner

about Manchester a very interesting and exciting week began. The days of the ENYGF week were full of talks on different topics within the context of «Innovation in nuclear: Our rich heritage and our bright future». In the afternoons, workshops could be visited and gave an insight into various fields of the industry. The workshops gave space to the development of new solutions, ideas could be shared and new perspectives could be obtained. During the technical sessions, the participants of the forum had the opportunity to present their work or their scientific achievements to an interested audience. At the same time, other participants presented posters in the main hall.

On Wednesday, we could go on a technical tour to visit a nuclear site. One could visit nuclear power stations, an enrichment facility, the JET site, a waste repository and many others. I had the opportunity to visit the nuclear power station of Heysham. After a detailed presentation about the reactor and the site, we could see the top of the two AGR reactors of Heysham 2 from the visitors’ gallery, the control room and the machine hall. It was a very exciting experience to learn about a reactor type that was completely unknown to me.

The ENYGF did not stop each day at 4 pm but continued until late night at the various networking events for example at the Museum of Industry and Science or at the Old Trafford football stadium. Thanks to these events I made many friends, not only from all over Europe, but from all over the world.

LaraLaura Perez, Switzerland

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