Jan Runermark Award

The Jan Runermark Award was created in memory of Jan Runermark, the initiator and founding father of the Swedish Young Generation Network and promoter of the ENS Young Generation movement. Jan Runermark died in a tragic car accident on 25 July 1995. ENS-YGN honours Jan Runermark annually by handing out this award to a senior professional that have showed through their action benefit for the young generation.

Sebastian Hahn

2021 – Germany

Paweł Gajda

2020 – Poland

Marco Streit

2019 – Switzerland

Emilio Minguez

2018 – Spain

Luc Vanhoenacker

2017 – Belgium

Jean Van Vyve

2017 – Belgium

John Eldridge

2016 – United Kingdom

Michaela Stiopol

2015 – Romania

András Cserháti

2014 – Hungary

Heiki Kalli

2013 – Finland

Frank Carré

2012 – France

Helmuth Böck

2011 – Austria

André Versteegh

2010 – Netherlands

Marcel Maris

2009 – Belgium

Sue E. Ion

2008 – United Kingdom

Ralf Güldner

2007 – Germany

Peter Hirt

2006 – Switzerland

Per Brunzell

2005 – Sweden

Michael Grave

2004 – United Kingdom

David Bonser

2003 – United Kingdom

María Teresa Domínguez

2002 – Spain

Danilo Feretic

2001 – Croatia

History of the Grant Program

In 2013 ENS-YGN generated for the first time profit from the successful ENYGF2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. A decision was made by the ENS-YGN Core Committee to convert the profit-generated by ENYGF2013 and future profits to a scholarship fund to sponsor young professionals through financial aid or events for young professionals. In 2014, the ENS-YGN grants program was launched officially.