Jan Runermark Award 2017 – Luc Vanhoenacker and Jean Van Vyve, Belgium

Jan Runermark Award 2017

The 2017 Jan Runermark Award was handed to Luc Vanhoenacker and Jean Van Vyve from Belgium.

The Belgian engineers Luc Vanhoenacker and Jean Van Vyve from the ENGIE group received the Jan Runermark Awards on the 11th of June during the Welcome of the ENYGF-conference.

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The ENS YGN honors Jan Runermark annually by handing out the Jan Runermark Award to a senior professional who has given outstanding service, to the benefit of the young generation and young professionals. Jean Van Vyve and Luc Vanhoenacker have the honor to share this award for 2017. They have worked together quite frequently during their career, also when it concerns the young generation.


The award winners have worked together successfully on large projects such as the Doel 3 and Tihange 2 reactor pressure vessel issue. However, they’ve always supported younger colleagues to get a good education and to get opportunities to gain expertise. As members of the Belgian Nuclear Society they’ve supported younger members to network and participate at an international level. Furthermore, they not only teamed up with the Belgian universities and the Belgian Nuclear Research Center to create and promote the BNEN-program, they’ve also created a successful Nuclear Training Program inside the ENGIE group. Next to training, their attention was also on the research, for which they established agreements with the Belgian and French Research Centers. And these agreements didn’t only sponsor the young generation, also the more experienced researchers benefitted.

The Award winners: left Luc Vanhoenacker and right Jean Van Vyve.

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