Jan Runermark Award 2015 – Michaela Stiopol

Mrs. Mihaela Stiopol was born on May 15th, 1953 in Bucharest, Romania and she dedicated all her professional life to nuclear energy.


In 1977 she graduated from the Politechnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Energetic, Nuclear Power Plants Section. Immediately after graduation she started working for several romanian nuclear companies, such as the Institute of Nuclear Power Reactors (IRNE), Nuclear Technology and Engineering Company, RENEL and SN Nuclearelectrica SA. For about 16 years she worked as a PR specialist and then PR manager at the national company Nuclearelectrica, supporting the development of nuclear energy and creating and promoting various national public information activities.


Since 2009 she is the President of the Romanian Nuclear Energy Association (AREN) and one of the founders of Women in Nuclear Romania (WiN).

Mrs. Stiopol supported the creation of RYG (Romanian Young Generation Network) in 2000 and its revival in 2004 and all YG activities such as technical tours, meetings, seminars, competitions etc. Moreover, she promoted scholarship applications and fee deductions for YG members in order to participate in conferences abroad and she involved young professionals in the organization of the International Nuclear Energy Symposium (SIEN) and in the organization of the traditional children drawing and essay competition.


During her career she was member of the board of several international organizations, such as: ENS, NucNet, WIN Global, WIN Europe, PIME award jury committee etc. Therefore she was part of the international and regional project called IPPA (Implementing Public Participation Approaches) in radioactive waste management and she supported unconditionally the development of nuclear energy in the Central Eastern region of Europe. She established and strengthened international relations with the associations in USA, France, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Canada.

Last but not least she is a competent nuclear engineer, a skilled communicator, a role model for young nuclear professionals and also an inspiration for young females aspiring to this career.