Jan Runermark Award 2005 – Per Brunzel, Sweden

Per Brunzel has been working in the Nuclear Power Industry for 25 years. He started as a core designer at ASEA Atom as a young engineer and just ended his assignment as VP Customer Relations and Sales/Europe of Westinghouse Electric Sweden. Back in time, Per was also a close friend to Mr Jan Runermark himself, and he was deeply involved in the discussions leading to the startup of Young Generation in the early 90-ies.

Per´s own experience of the development of the nuclear industry in Sweden and the rest of Europe together with his early discussions with Mr Runermark regarding the young generation has given him a very supportive attitude towards the young generation. During his years with Westinghouse, Per has always supported the local activities of Young Generation Sweden and of course also our international activities. Per is always present at seminars arranged by the YG Sweden. Per has, throughout the years, been a key-person to motivate the CEOs of companies within the industry to keep the support for YG-activities in Sweden and our activities in Europe and the rest of the world, by his active and strong support for the Young Generation.