ENYGF2021 Report by Anna Talarowska

September 2021, in the very uncertain pandemic situation, the shining star on the YGN scene happened: The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum in stunning Tarragona. If the idea that you are missing something in your life crossed your mind, ENYGF should be placed on your bucket list. ENYGF is a YGN event that gathers students and young professionals from the nuclear industry. The goal is to give an opportunity for discussion on burning issues, sharing experiences and networking parallel to the Technical talks. This year event took place
in sunny Tarragona, the city where the nuclear heart of Spain beats!

The motto „Look Ahead” fit perfectly with the current events: Pandemics, climate change caused events and the urge to meet the net-zero requirement. The insightful presentations and panels during the forum left no space for doubts that Nuclear is crucial technology as a stable, carbon-free Energy source. The role of YGN in creating the future was unequivocally stated in the closing speech of the Director of World Nuclear Associaton, Sama Bilbao y Leon: We need to communicate effectively. I could not agree more with this, as an industry we should
do our homework and share the nuclear story with the societies to fully embrace its potential. How? The chair of ENS YGN put it straightforward: „As Castellers”, we should work together, suport and learn from each other to constantly enhance on every level as

I am pleased to invite you for ENYGF 2023 will take place in Cracow in May 2023. Stay tuned!