ENYGF2021 Report by Cristina Ratero

ENYGF21 in Tarragona has been an unforgettable experience! From the moment I arrived, I felt supported by all the other young professionals.

It has been a week full of learning, sharing experiences and raising awareness about the importance of nuclear energy in our future.

From Monday to Thursday, we were full of interesting presentations on a wide variety of topics within the nuclear world, such as “The role of Nuclear”, “Small Modular Reactors”, “Radioactive Waste” or “Breakthrough in Nuclear: Fuel and Materials”.

In the afternoons, they organized some cultural tours for us to get to know better the beautiful city of Tarragona.

We could also attend technical visits, like the one to Tecnatom. There, we were truly lucky to visit the Control Room Simulator of the Ascó nuclear power plant. It is quite impressive to see such a replica of the Ascó’s Control Room. They explain to us the procedure to follow in case of an accident and show us the different panels that need to be checked and controlled.

Not only did we visit the Control Room Simulator, but also its human factors simulator, which was, again, a replica of the NPP. We could learn all the steps a worker of the NPP must follow in the case of normal operation, warning or accident. Definitively, It was a real blast to have seen it in person!

In addition to the social activities that were organized, it was really easy to propose a meeting with other people since we had an app called Whova that allowed you to propose a plan and have people sign up. This made the evenings extremely fun and allowed me to be in a more social environment with any congress attendees who had joined the plan.

On Wednesday night, we attended the Gala Dinner. A beautiful place with all the participants of the event, sharing experiences, laughing, dancing… having fun! That was such a lovely night to remember.

Personally, this event has been the first opportunity for me to present my work in English at an International Congress, and to get closer to the nuclear sector for real through networking with other young nuclear workers.

Given the very enriching and positive experience I have had at ENYGF21, I can only say that… See you at ENGYF23 in Poland!!!