ENYGF2021 Report by Miguel Munoz Garcia

ENYGF’21 was the best of the year. From the very beginning (Sunday 26th September), there was such an ambient of friendship surrounding the environment that you already knew it was going to be a great week.

My report was about the Experience Simulating ATF Fuels at a 3-Loop-PWR using the SEANAP system. This work was done during the academic year 2019-2020 by the INGENIA Nuclear Group (a group I was a member of). We simulated both coatings, claddings, and fuels: FeCrAl and SiC for coatings, TiAlC and Cr for claddings and U3Si2, TRISO and dopped fuels for the fuel technologies. After making some changes to the simulator, we get to simulate a full cycle and some manoeuvres. The results were quite satisfactory, most of the technologies performed very well but TRISO. The best performance was for dopped fuels by being the safest and cost-effective.

The event may get summarized in a few phrases: learning from your colleagues (same age as you), learning from the experts (your professors maybe) and hanging out during the night with everybody. And last but most important, meet your new amazing friends. Gala dinner was just the cherry on the top to close such an incredible event. Looking forward to the next one!