ENYGF2021 Report by Abel Milena Pérez

The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2021 (ENYGF2021), held in Tarragona, provided me with the opportunity to get in touch with an excellent representation of a new generation of young professionals of the nuclear sector, interacting both scientifically and socially with them, making the creation of new networks possible, which definitively will benefit the sector in the short-term.

Since my arrival in Tarragona on Sunday 26th September, I had the chance to join the social events proposed by the organizers, which helped us all off to a good start. This was confirmed by the rest of the social events that took place during the week, including the visit to the simulation rooms of Tecnatom and the gala dinner. In all of these occasions, joining the scientific talks and explanations, and the excellent company of my colleagues resulted in the perfect mixture of learning and getting to know amazing people.

On the technical part, the division of all the contents in hot topics and technical tracks definitively helped to get an overview of the most important aspects that are currently defining the nuclear sector: the new Accident-Tolerant Fuels, the increasingly used Small Modular Reactors, a proper management of radioactive waste, etc. Individual talks and posters of the attendees covered all these topics, and provided with a complete picture.

Finally, some words must be said about the mentoring program. I am deeply thankful to the organizers and the mentors for giving the attendees the opportunity to meet important experts in the field, to share their experiences with us, and to receive valuable advice about our upcoming careers.