ENYGF2021 Grantee´s Reports

Highlights from ENYGF2021 Grantee´s Reports:

From 27-30 September 2021, I had the pleasure of attending ENYGF in Tarragona. Its purpose was to provide an international platform for knowledge transfer, discussion, and sharing best practices among young professionals, Ph.D. students, and graduates. While for some ENYGF was the first reunion of the post-Covid era, for me it was also my first-ever experience in a congress. Moreover, as a person who was born and raised in Tarragona, the fact that so many nuclear professionals met in my hometown made it even more special. During four intense days, I got together with amazing people from all around the globe, many of whom find themselves in a similar professional situation. This was an icebreaker that allowed me to make the most of every moment.
Pau Aragon Grabiel, Spain

At ENYGF2021 I represented the Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University and the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. My talk entitled Fabrication and development of self-glowing crystals for safe actinide handling was a part of a Breakthroughs in Nuclear Fuel & Materials technical session. It was a big honor for me to showcase my innovative research at this high international level and to receive valuable feedback. I was very excited to get to know young ambitious specialists within the nuclear field who are rapidly progressing the advanced scientific technologies related to all areas of production, application, and development of nuclear energy. I hope that our planned activities and projects will be implemented in the near future.
Iuliia Ipatova, UK

The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2021 (ENYGF2021), held in Tarragona, provided me with the opportunity to get in touch with an excellent representation of a new generation of young professionals of the nuclear sector, interacting both scientifically and socially with them, making the creation of new networks possible, which definitely will benefit the sector in the short-term.I am deeply thankful to the organizers and the mentors for giving the attendees the opportunity to meet important experts in the field, to share their experiences with us, and to receive valuable advice about our upcoming careers. 
Abel Milena-Pérez, Spain 

The event may get summarized in a few phrases: learning from your colleagues (same age as you), learning from the experts (your professors maybe) and hanging out during the night with everybody. And last but most important, meet your new amazing friends. Gala dinner was just the cherry on the top to close such an incredible event. Looking forward to the next one!
Miguel Munoz Garcia, Spain

ENYGF21 in Tarragona has been an unforgettable experience! From the moment I arrived, I felt supported by all the other young professionals. It has been a week full of learning, sharing experiences and raising awareness about the importance of nuclear energy in our future. Personally, this event has been the first opportunity for me to present my work in English at an International Congress, and to get closer to the nuclear sector for real through networking with other young nuclear workers. Given the very enriching and positive experience I have had at ENYGF21, I can only say that… See you at ENGYF23 in Poland!!!
Cristina Ratero, Spain

When I first signed up for the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2021 (ENYGF 2021), I literally had no idea what to expect from the event and how much it will impact my involvement in the network. I was so engaged with the Forum’s activities that I did not even accomplish my top one To-Do in Tarragona: Drinking fresh Mimosas every day at the beach while seeing the sunset. The forum was an ideal opportunity to start getting to know the goings-on of young professionals in the field of nuclear technologies, all aimed to spread the word: Look ahead and go nuclear.
Nelson-Felipe Rincon-Soto, Germany

September 2021, in the very uncertain pandemic situation, the shining star on the YGN scene happened: The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum in stunning Tarragona. If the idea that you are missing something in your life crossed your mind, ENYGF should be placed on your bucket list. ENYGF is a YGN event that gathers students and young professionals from the nuclear industry. The goal is to give an opportunity for discussion on burning issues, sharing experiences and networking parallel to the Technical talks. This year’s event took place in sunny Tarragona, the city where the nuclear heart of Spain beats!
Anna Talarowska, Poland