ENS YGN Grants and Sponsor 

In 2013 ENS YGN Core Committee decided to grant five sponsor slots corresponding the registration fee for ENYGF2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Grants Program was a first of its kind in ENS YGN history designed to help young professional. The Grants were given to young professionals that presented technical paper during ENYGF and were an active members of a European YGN that is a part of ENS YGN.

In 2013 ENS YGN generated for the first time profit from the successful ENYGF2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. A decision was made by the ENS YGN Core Committee to convert the profit generated by ENYGF2013 and future profits to a scholarship fund to be used as Grants to sponsor events that promotes young professionals and also to sponsor young professionals through financial aid helping them present their technical reports and research.

In 2014 ENS YGN Grants program was launched officially.
IYNC 2014 in Burgos, Spain, was the first event to be sponsored by ENS YGN as a bronze level co-partner. Also five sponsor slots corresponding to IYNC 2014 registration fee was given to young professionals participating as technical paper presenters.

In 2016 ENS YGN Grants program was continued with grants for IYNC 2016 in China.

ENS was also a contributor for IYNC 2016.

In 2017 ENS YGN Grants program awarded 5 grants for the attendance at the ENYGF 2017 in Manchster.


Conditions for receiving ENS YGN Grants are set and promoted by the conference organizers in question.


Currently ENS YGN does not provide grants for upcoming conferences. As soon as there is a grant program available, we will inform you here about it.