The ENYGF is seen as the main opportunity for young people to be heard globally. It provides an international platform for knowledge transfer, discussion, and sharing best practices. 

The ENYGF is a biennial event and alternates with the IYNC. The ENS YGN calls for ENYGF bids within their member countries. During the CCM close to the ENYGF, the country bids are presented and within the representative countries, the next organizer is elected. The event is organized by an executive committee from the selected country. This executive committee can acquire assistance from delegates of other countries who choose to collaborate. All the committee members have a common goal, which is to further the ENS-YGN mission and help to create a global community of nuclear professionals.

The aim of the event is to provide a platform for learning and networking for young professionals in all areas of nuclear application. It provides a chance to enhance international communication and sharing technical advances and knowledge, learning from experience and discussing best practice and considering social and political aspects of the nuclear industry.

The forum involves:

  • Formal lectures and presentations
  • Workshops
  • Technical tours
  • Keynote speakers
  • Social and cultural events
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Awards of the Innovations for Nuclear (I4N) prize
2021TarragonaLook ahead
2019GhentNuclear for health—from half-lives to better lives
2017ManchesterNuclear Innovation: a Rich Heritage and Our Bright Future
2015ParisNuclear efficiency and nuclear and the environment
2009CordobaImpossible is nothing
2007AmsterdamThe Nuclear Future
ENYGF locations