High Scientific Council

We are represented in the High Scientific Council (HSC) with two elected members of the YGN. The HSC is a scientific body within the Society that advises the ENS on nuclear-related developments in different science fields, including Physics, Biology, Medicine, Engineering and Social Sciences.  As well as serving as a think-tank and advisory body, the HSC provides statements on behalf of the ENS to the outside world on matters related to science and technology, and their impact on society. Read more in the published Position Papers.

Our HSC members:

Antonio di Buono

Kevin Fernandez-Cosiala (2022 – ???)

Kevin works as an assistant professor of Nuclear Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid. He has worked in nuclear safety projects involving PWR-W, BWR, KWU, AP1000, and VVER-1000 NPPS. He is also working on the design of the Fusion Reactor “DEMO”. His safety research has been focused on thermal-hydraulic behaviour analysis and hydrogen safety during Design Basis Accidents and severe accidents. Kevin has collaborated with IYNC and Jóvenes Nucleares since 2014 where he was volunteering at IYNC Burgos, to Sydney 2020, where he was the Technical Program Chair.