Organisation and members

The organization of ENS-YGN is determined by the Internal Rules. To become a member country of ENS-YGN, the Nuclear Society has to be a member of ENS. Also, the country in question must have a national Young Generation as part of its Nuclear Society. Every member of a YG being a part of ENS-YGN is also a member of ENS-YGN. 

The governance of ENS-YGN comprises the following: 

Core committee

ENS-YGN is a network of member countries represented in the ENS-YGN Core Committee. Each member country has voting rights as one vote in the ENS-YGN Core Committee Meeting (CCM). The CCM is hosted three times per year by a member country.

The Core Committee elects ENS-YGN Chairperson and Co-Chair biannually. The Chairperson or elected deputy has a seat on the ENS Board and Steering Committee.

Core Committee at the CCM3 in Stuttgart

Members of ENS-YGN:

Board of ENS-YGN

The Board of ENS-YGN comprises the Chair, Vice-Chair, Financial Manager, Communication Manager, and Webmaster, who are elected by the Core Committee among its delegates for a term of 2 years by a simple majority. The Board is responsible for successfully fulfilling ENS-YGN objectives while appointing different volunteers in charge of specific projects. 


At CCM, not only the Core Committee is present but also partner organizations, called Observers. Observers participate in CCM like the National Representatives, but they do not have voting rights. The Chair of the Board invites relevant Observer organizations to the CCM.
Currently, the following organizations are a part of CCM as permanent observers:


The ENS Young Generation Network functions through the work of its members and with the support of ENS. in specific cases, the projects may also be funded by the interested parties. 

Core Committee Meetings are funded as follows: transportation and accommodation costs are covered by the member countries and local expenses are covered by the organization(s) hosting the meeting.