Organisation and members

Organization and members

ENS YGN consist of member countries represented in ENS YGN Core Committee. Each member have a voting right represented by one vote in ENS YGN Core Committee Meeting (CCM). The CCM is hosted three times annually by a member country.

The Network elects its own Chairperson and Co-Chair biannually. The Chairperson or elected deputy has a seat on the ENS Board and Steering Committee.


The ENS Young Generation Network shall function through the work of its members and with the support of ENS.

Special projects shall be funded by the interested parties. International meetings should be funded as follows: transportation and hotels costs are covered by the visitors and local expenses are covered by the organization(s) hosting the meeting(s).

In ENS YGN CCM other parties than members are present to increase synergies, we call them observers. Observers have the same status as ENS YGN members, but they lack a voting right. Currently the following organizations are a part of CCM as observers:

To become a member the country’s Nuclear Society has to be a member of ENS. Also the country in question must have a national YGN.

Our members and their contact info are found under contacts.

For more information about ENS please visit the following webpage: