The Young Generation concept was created and initiated in 1994 in Sweden by the late Jan Runermark (former ABB ATOM CEO).

In 1995, European Nuclear Society (ENS) supported a proposal from Jan Runermark, to help spread the Young Generation Network (YGN) to all its member countries. As a result ENS YGN was created in 1995 as an umbrella network under the supervision of ENS to monitor the national YGNs in Europe.
Today, the YGN exists in 21 European countries and 48 worldwide, and the number is still increasing.

The following text was “born” at the very first meeting of the ENS Young Generation Network – at Västeras, Sweden, in May 1995. The meeting was attended by young representatives from 10 countries and was characterized by youthful enthusiasm and European diversity. The Terms of Reference for ENS Young Generation Network resulted after a day of intense brainstorming and formed the basis for large investment in the young generation in Europe: 


A Young Generation Network is to be created within Europe. The network will be affiliated to the European Nuclear Society and national societies promoting nuclear technology.

Founding members of ENS-YGN in May, 1995
Standing, left to right: Johan Svenningsson (Sweden), Häkan Holmberg (Sweden), Maria del Mar Dominguez (Spain), Petra Lundström (Finland), Patrick Miazza (Switzerland), Marco Andreani (Italy), and Marie-Louise Stridh (Sweden). Seated, left to right: Françoise Vanthemsche (Belgium), Valérie Martin (France), Lars Fredrikson (chair ENS), Michael Ruiter (Netherlands), Mogens Bagger Hansen (Denmark), and Will Phythian (UK)