Core values and objectives

Core values and objectives

When YG was first created there was a well-developed idea and a purpose by the founding fathers as for what and how the YG should be used:
Exchange of knowledge between the older and younger generation.
Formation of YGN in every European country with a nuclear sector.
Participation of young people in the national nuclear societies, particularly in leadership positions.
Bringing together all the national YGNs at European level.
Opening up topical seminars, conferences and other technical meetings to young people.
Adapting the agendas to reflect the needs of young people and to ensure a proper transfer of skills.
Organizing relevant seminars and topical meetings which are specifically aimed at young people.

The goals of the ENS Young Generation Network are:

  • To promote the establishment of national Young Generation networks.
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge between older and younger generations.
  • To encourage young people in nuclear technology to provide a resource for the future.
  • To encourage cross-European exchange of knowledge and experiences.

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