Core values and objectives

The aims of the ENS are to promote and to contribute to the advancement of science and engineering in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy by all means and in particular by:

a) Fostering and coordinating the activities of the Member Organizations;
b) Encouraging exchanges between the Member Organizations;
c) Encouraging the exchange of scientists and engineers between different countries;
d) Disseminating information;
e) Ensuring that the ENS has adequate means of publication;
f) Sponsoring meetings devoted to scientific and technical matters;
g) Fostering engineering education and training;
h) Encouraging scholarships;
i) Co-operating with international governmental and non-governmental organizations and with other organizations having similar aims;
j) Promoting international standardization in the nuclear field;
k) Encouraging the formation of organizations of nuclear scientists and engineers in places where no such organizations yet exist.

The ENS can undertake any operations either directly or indirectly related to its aims or can share activities that are similar or connected to its aims. Within the frame of the above aims, ENS YGN, as a subgroup within ENS dedicated to young professionals and students, promotes and contributes to the advancement of science and engineering in the peaceful uses of nuclear technology by all suitable means and in particular by:

  • Promotion of knowledge exchange;
  • Training and encouraging new leaders;
  • Attracting young people to the nuclear field and encouraging them to stay in the field;
  • Creating a platform for career development and networking among young people.