Chairperson’s word

The nuclear industry is a sector full of ambitions to expand in the future and maximize the output of low-carbon energy for the sustainable human development globally. To realize this overarching goal, it is in need of a massive, well-educated and motivated workforce.

In the times where different industries compete for the same employees, re-qualification is easier than ever and where young people look for a job based on the feeling of mission and personal fulfillment, the strong, vibrant community established around the youth in nuclear industry and science is a key to support the development and sustaining of nuclear workforce.

The network of youth supports nuclear industry and science by:

  • Encouraging young people to join the nuclear sector
  • Facilitating search for interesting workplaces and development opportunities
  • Raising young workforce retention in the sector

ENS-YGN is an umbrella of 20 national nuclear Young Generation Networks. Thanks to ENS-YGN, every national YG can feel a part of a bigger mission and may receive support from fellow activists around the continent. Among others, ENS-YGN provides a platform for knowledge exchange, best practices sharing, visibility leverage of the local activities, international actions with joined forces across Europe and many, many more.

ENS-YGN is a place of meeting of the pro-active, ingenuous early career professionals. It is a platform to exchange new ideas through Core Committee Meetings attendance, bi-annual ENYGF conference and occasional projects.

If you or your organization are interested in a partnership with our organization, feel free to contact me.