During the ENYGF in Manchester ENS YGN will host together with the Associazione Italiana Nucleare (AIN) a workshop to re-activate the Italian YGN.

It will take place on June 15th during the ENYGF workshop sessions (more information here). You need to be registered for ENYGF to take part in this workshop (or follow it online – see below).

The Italian young generation (INN, Italian Nuclear Network) has been inactive since 2009.
Following the interest of the AIN and the energy of young members, the reactivation of the network has been discussed
and attracted high interest. The ENYGF is thus the perfect occasion to promote this activity and discuss and approve the mission and by-laws of the YG.

The workshop will focus on the reactivation of the YG network in Italy. Members of AIN (e.g. Antonio Soriero) and Italian young professionals (working inland and abroad) will be
invited to participate. The aim is to discuss and approve the fundamental principles of the Network. ENS and other YG members could be invited to support with their experience
the discussion.

We will stream this workshop, please register as well to receive further information, and point out that you will follow online.

Please register here for the workshop:


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